GUN CONTROL AT ITS BEST: Esteban Santiago Flew to Gun-Free Ft. Lauderdale ‘Specifically’ for Attack

thumb2Yeah, that gun-free zone really helped out all those injured people. Not to mention those who lost their lives. So many details have come out about this case that show it could have easily been avoided. The fact that the airport was gun-free did nothing to stop this attack. When will people see that?

By AWR Hawkins

The FBI’s George Piro says shooting suspect Esteban Santiago traveled to gun-free Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International “specifically” to carry out his attack.

Piro is Special Agent in Charge of Miami.

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According to BBC, Piro made clear that “the suspect had traveled to Fort Lauderdale specifically to carry out the attack.” And Piro dispelled earlier claims that the attack was the result of an altercation aboard Santiago’s inbound flight, saying, “There was no sign of any altercation on the flight or at the airport before the attack began.”

Florida state Senator Greg Steube, a Republican, has been pushing legislation to allow concealed permit holders to be armed in unsecured areas. The day of the Ft. Lauderdale attack, New York Daily News mocked Steube’s efforts, saying:

We are supposed to think it is perfectly normal that it is now legal in the state of Texas, thanks to a Republican-controlled legislature, to carry concealed weapons on a college campus. So why wouldn’t a state senator in Florida like Steube, whoever he is, be just fine with people carrying guns through his state’s airports? If the bill becomes law in Florida, even after what happened at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International on Friday, make sure you send up a flare — or send out a tweet — the next time some passenger carrying a gun in an airport like that saves a single life. It will be like the Second Amendment on steroids.

Maybe now they will listen to him more closely.


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