Gun Control in Florida: Leon County wants dealers to help implement gun control

gun-controlThe Leon County Commission is trying to pressure gun dealers into helping to implement a proposed gun control ordinance.

Recently, commissioners were telling us there wasn’t any action going on with regard to a proposed “gun show loophole” ordinance. In fact, some even claimed “there is no proposed ordinance at all.” Some even suggested they simply wanted to receive our comments for discussion at the January commission meeting.

Turns out, that isn’t the full story. What they’re really up to is trying to pressure gun dealers into implementing the gun control ordinance for them.

Under the subject heading, “Proposed ordinance requiring background checks for firearm purchases,” the county attorney’s office, on behalf of the County Commission, sent a letter to federal firearm licensees “asking” for their assistance in implementing an ordinance.

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Under federal law, all licensed dealers are required to conduct background checks through the national NICS database, on purchases of all firearms they sell. Collectors and private citizens are expressly exempt under federal law, and county officials know that.

County officials also know that collectors and private citizens are prohibited by federal law from accessing the NICS database to perform background checks on private gun sales on their own.

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