Gun-Control Group Accidentally Makes Most PRO-GUN Advertisement Out There

The Brady Campaign is a notorious gun-control organization in America.

So when they mess up, it is fun to gloat.

Twitter user Andy Rutledge pointed out something peculiar about the organization’s latest ad in Florida.

The billboard reads: ‘Visitor Warning, Florida Residents Can Use Deadly Force.’

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What the gun-control group thought was supposed to be scary for some people, turned out to show that Florida is simply upholding their citizens’ constitutional rights.

I’m sure by ‘visitor’ the Brady Campaign meant a friendly neighbor, unsuspecting mailman (?), basically anyone that isn’t a real threat would somehow be shot by a homeowner who owns a gun.

Guess what.

Any responsible gun owner would not do that.

The legal repercussions for even pulling a gun on someone is immense.

Every resident who keeps a gun in their dwelling isn’t looking to shoot people just walking to their front door.

That firearm is there to protect the person and their loved ones from life threatening scenarios.

End of story.

…but thanks Brady Campaign for reminding us Florida is just one of the many states whom still uphold Americans’ constitutional rights.


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