GUN CONTROL HEADS TO FLORIDA: Background Check Amendment Rumored to be in the Works


Looks like gun control is headed to the sunshine state. Hopefully this is going to be defeated or else citizen’s gun rights are going to be picked off, state-by-state.

Voters in the state of Washington sidestepped NRA-friendly politicians on Election Day and approved a measure that requires background checks on all gun sales.

A similar amendment could make its way to Florida, says Patti Brigham, who leads the League of Women Voters’ gun safety committee.

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“It’s certainly something we are going to begin to explore,” Brigham said at a league forum about gun safety on Wednesday.

And last month Orlando Police Chief John Mina held a press conference with other officials from the International Association of Police Chiefs to call for background checks on all firearm sales, including private purchases and those at gun shows.

Perhaps momentum is building for an amendment in Florida, where the Legislature all too often acquiesces to the National Rifle Association’s wishes.

Steve Foster, an attorney at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, says an amendment is likely the only way to add background checks to all gun sales.

Florida’s preemption law, which prohibits local cities and counties from coming up with their own gun laws, “is a difficult thing” for law enforcement to deal with, he said at the league forum.

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