Gun-Control Legislation Again? Bring. It. On.

bring-it-onI’m hearing rumblings of renewed interest in bringing back gun control legislation at both the Washington State and the federal level. In the nation’s capital Reid, Manchin, and Biden are renewing talks about gun control legislation next week. Why?

Is there absolutely nothing else going on in the nation? It’s so boring and uneventful in the country they have to trump up something that was soundly defeated with help from their own party, wasting taxpayer time and money? Do they think things are different now? The atmosphere and urgency to demand gun control has gotten stronger so it will work better this time?

In Washington state, Seattle venture capitalist Nick Hanauer is putting a bunch of money into an effort to try to get a bill to close the so-called “gun-show loophole.” While I may have cautiously considered that in the past, after the revelations of the past few weeks, all I envision is “gun control legislation loophole.”

I believe no matter what kind of law they try to pass, no matter how “reasonable” it may appear, it will be misused and have unintended consequences. I have no doubt whatsoever. That is why I will never support any law related to more gun control – government has shown me it is not to be trusted. Ever.

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You have to seriously wonder what is wrong with these people. You just want to knock on their heads and ask if there is anything in there. At the federal level, the only thing they could even get close to thinking about getting through recently was the background check bill. The excuse for the reason it didn’t pass was the “lies” that the “gun lobby” told about creating a gun registry.

So now, after the news about the IRS target list, the lies the administration told about Benghazi, the NSA/FBI spying on absolutely everything we are doing, the “mistaken interception of phone calls of innocent Americans” – NOW they are still going to try to say we are just plain paranoid? That there is absolutely no intent of ever creating a gun registry, either legally or illegally?

When they say they only want “common sense” laws that will prevent a criminal or mentally ill person from obtaining a gun, do they actually expect us to still believe that there would be no unintended consequences? Representative Jim Sensenbrenner, one of the authors of the Patriot Act, said the blanket record-gathering happening now was not intended.

So no, we are not going to just believe everything will just work out like it was meant to. That seems to rarely happen.

I realize they think the American public is very stupid, and unfortunately it is often true. But people, come on, to honestly think that the timing is better now to get more gun control legislation passed, is absurd.

Do they just hope that our attention is so diverted by all the scandals going on right now that they will be able to distract us like a cat with a shiny thing and we’ll never realize what they are doing?

Reid, Manchin, Biden and Hanauer need to understand something very important. We gun owners have not gone anywhere and we are not going anywhere. There are a lot more of us than there are of them. We are not going to just give up and allow them to make whatever laws they want.

Even less so now than before because of all the recent revelations of government deceit and corruption. We have been vindicated and proved that we were right and our own arrogant government has given us the ammunition to continue to fight them.

So they want to try gun-control legislation again? I have three little words to say – Bring. It. On.


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