Gun-Control Lover Amy Schumer Caught with a Gun in Her Hand

This is someone who hates guns. But she has fallen into the Hollywood hypocrisy where it’s okay to use guns in movies. How stupid.

Gun control proponent Amy Schumer wields a gun in her upcoming kidnapping comedy caper Snatched, according to a scene in the trailer for the film released Tuesday.

The Wrap introduced the film — which co-stars Goldie Hawn as Schumer’s mother — by writing: “Fox released a new trailer this morning for May movie Snatched, which features the two funnywomen going all action-star on a bunch of kidnappers. And this time, they’ve got a gun.”

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“You messed with the wrong b*tches,” Schumer tells a man toward the end of the trailer as she trains a gun on him.

Schumer only holds a gun in one scene in the trailer, but that may be one scene more than her fans were expecting. After all, Schumer took up the gun control cause with particular passion following the shooting deaths of two moviegoers at a showing of her movie Trainwreck in Lafayette, Louisiana. The shooting occurred in a gun-free theater on July 23, 2015, and the alleged gunman passed a background check to acquire the firearm used in the attack.


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