Gun Control Mania

pfAs hard as it is for me to say, I believe the Obama administration is making a mistake going after “Assault Weapons”. The problem runs deeper then AR-15s and guns that look intimidating. The Assault Weapon classification is inherently flawed and seems to have been drawn up by people who are ignorant at best. Instead there should be a shift in focus. Away from trying to pass gun legislation and towards training and expanding local police forces. Currently the United States is 87th on a list of 130 developed and semi developed nations on Wiki. As of 2010 there are two hundred and fifty six police officers per one hundred thousand people. Assuming these number are accurate, there is a dire need for more police officers in this country. Quantity isn’t the only problem facing our society, quality seems to be waning as well. A 2006 Rand study showed how even trained police officers in New York have abysmally low hit-rate statistics.

“The NYPD reports hit-rate statistics both for officers involved in a gunfight and for officers who shoot at subjects who do not return fire. Between 1998 and 2006, the average hit rate was 18 percent for gunfights. Between 1998 and 2006, the average hit rate in situations in which fire was not returned was 30 percent. In 2006, the hit rate against subjects who did not return fire was 27 Percent.”

Before focusing on whether an AR-15 has a collapsible stock or bayonet holder we need to look at our police departments. More cops means faster response times, better more extensive training would then produce better prepared officers. Training standards are pathetically low in some states, only requiring a trip to the gun range a year to qualify. It is fair to say that some officers are no longer prepared for duty. A lot of these police officers are asking for more training. They realize reform is needed. For all of our safety, we cannot afford to drop the ball on this issue again. Gun rails and tactical looks do not make a gun more or less dangerous. We need effective legislation not just any legislation.


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