GUN-CONTROL MAYOR: Bill de Blasio Just Proved Strict Gun Laws DO NOT Reduce Crime

Mayor Bill de Blasio may have accidentally made the most pro-gun argument during his gun-control ‘success’ updates to the city of New York.

“I’m not a criminologist but I can safely say that guns are being taken off the street in an unprecedented way. Some people, unfortunately, are turning to a different weapon,” de Blasio says.

New Yorkers have been on edge because of a series of highly-reported attacks, including several seemingly random attacks on the subways. The city was averaging more than 10 stabbing attacks a day in the first six weeks of the year.

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The mayor claims that since there are so many fewer guns on the street, officers can now focus on criminals using knives and razors.

What is happening in NYC is evidence that if you ban guns there will always be another weapon that those with criminal intentions will find; and it makes self-defense for law abiding citizens that much harder.



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