Gun Control: Ten point plan.

happy with gunIn the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, the call for something to finally be done has of course increased. I personally have been involved in signing two petitions to the White House, one of which already has over 500,000 signatures (far more than the 100,000 asking for Piers Morgan’s deportation, I might add πŸ™‚Β  Again I was asked to finalize my own proposal for Congress, to serve either as a rider or follow-up to these petitions.

Anyone who knows the background to the writing of The Second Amendment and my lobbying efforts and comments since, will also know that part of this proposal is based on Swizerland’s ‘at home’ private militia.Β  It is indeed ironic that the NRA has ofted cited Switzerland as an ideal example of a nation with a high gun ratio yet a low gun crime rate, as if to support that there is no correlation between the two.

However, Switzerland’s guns are strictly controlled along the lines set out below and their model is in fact far closer to the original ethos of the 2nd Amendment than the current free-for-all in the USA.Β  It’s also worth noting that the following proposal falls in line with recent US Supreme Court rulings that the ‘right’ of US citizens to bear arms may also be for personal protection and security, not just for national militia/security reasons.

Ten-point plan:

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1. Every US home to have a gun (with current ‘clearance’ procedures observed). In most cases this would be a hand gun (range of choice of .38, 9mm and .45 caliber). Some may opt to have a single-shot rifle instead.

2. All weapons to be kept at home in a pin-number controlled lock-box. Those anti-gun who do not wish to have a gun at home may opt to have their weapon held in store by an elected neighbourhood-watch warden (store also pin-control locked).

3. No guns under any circumstances to be carried in the open on the streets. Current ‘conceal carry’ laws in certain States to be revoked. The only exception would be some hunting, farming and ‘open range’ areas.

4. Strict induction and training in use of the weapons, along with signed agreement as to their use: only for national security, should the nation come under threat, or for personal protection of life, limb or property.

5. If the pin-controlled boxes are opened, an alarm sounds with local police and with local wardens. This then would have the effect of calling assistance in the case of threat; but in the case of wrongful use (such as shooting a neighbour, family member or fellow US citizen outside of purely personal protection) could lead to…



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