GUN CONTROL ZEALOTS: LA Times Bemoans CA ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban Veto, Knowing Ban Wouldn’t have Helped

shutterstock_966592California Governor Jerry Brown is a forcible citizen disarmament zealot, with a long history of hostility toward America’s armed citizenry. Even he, though, balked at the California legislature’s anti-gun extremism as expressed in SB 374, which would have, had Brown not vetoed it, banned nearly every semi-automatic rifle, including purely sporting rifles like the Browning BAR.

LA Times columnist George Skelton nevertheless takes Governor Brown to task for not being anti-gun enough, because one of the vast number of models of rifle the vetoed bill would have banned is supposedly the one used in the LAX “gun free zone” killing. From the LA Times:

Not that it would have mattered for Gerardo Hernandez, 39, the TSA agent who was murdered. The bill would not have taken effect until Jan. 1. And Paul Anthony Ciancia, 23, the disgruntled, alleged assassin, could have kept his semiautomatic rifle by registering it.

And, yes, he also could have armed himself with a handgun and probably inflicted the same damage.

Yep–Skelton admits that the incident he is using to bolster his argument condemning Brown’s veto would not have turned out any differently if Brown had signed the bill instead, but that doesn’t matter. Why not, you ask?

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But presumably he chose the Smith & Wesson M&P 15, .223-caliber semiautomatic — hauling with him five loaded detachable magazines and a trove of ammunition — because he had in mind creating even more mayhem.

But if he “had in mind creating even more mayhem,” and had one of what Skelton refers to as “the weapons of choice for mass killers,” plus “a ‘trove’ of ammunition,” why was there not “even more mayhem”?

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