Gun control’s racist component

I understand that given the nature of the media it is all but irresistible for the press to cover events such as the shooting murder-suicide case of Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher prior to possessing pertinent facts. Given the bias of those in the media, I can also understand NBC sports guru Bob Costas engaging in an abysmally ignorant anti-gun rant following the Belcher tragedy, which quickly became as much of a story as the shootings themselves.

Reactions to the Costas diatribe ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous; some called for him to be fired (the ridiculous), while others minimized the significance of his words since, of course, he is just a sports announcer who is entitled to his opinion.

While Costas is entitled to his opinion, I must still beg to differ. If human beings are prone to being influenced by celebrities with intelligence levels far beneath that of Costas, then it’s no great leap to surmise that many NBC Sports viewers might…



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