No Gun Grabbing Dictator Here: Missouri Overcomes Gov. Jay Nixon’s Veto, Gun Rights Expand

Missouri-Governor-Jay-Nixon-555x369What a sweet, sweet victory! Check out how Missouri kicked gun-control in the butt.

The States within our republic are built so that one faction, one section or one man does not have the power to exude tyranny.  In Missouri, the expansion of gun rights was allowed to come to fruition because the checks and balances ingrained in the system stopped Democrat Gov. Jay Nixon from being a gun grabbing dictator.

After two years of effort the legislature amassed the two-thirds majority necessary to override the vetoes and have allowed the peoples’ gun rights to expand which reflects the will of the PEOPLE…the will which Gov. Nixon so desperately wanted to grind under heel.

Beginning next month Missourians with CCW permits will have the ability to openly carry their firearms throughout the state without having to worry about some small town or big city prohibition against it.  Full pre-emption of firearms laws now rest with the state and cannot be undermined by local jurisdictions, which has in the past resulted in a patchwork or different laws and prohibitions throughout the state.

The age to receive a concealed weapons permit (more accurately now a “carry weapons permit”) will drop from 21 to 19.  Old enough to be out of high school but since the government will trust you with artillery, mortars, machine guns and anti tank weapon to defend your country, you will now have the ability to defend yourself at age 19.

The overrides of the vetoes even have something to protect the children while at school.

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