Gun Grabbing ‘Logic’: Dianne Feinstein Claims Constitution Does NOT Protect Conceal Carry — All 40 Million Americans She Represents Would Never Want a… [VIDEO]

Recently Dianne Feinstein went on CBS to answer questions about a bill that is being supported by the NRA (National Rifle Association). The legislation is called the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017.

Essentially the law would allow people to carry their guns legally to other states, that allow conceal carry too, with the carry license from their state of residence.

CBS host John Dickerson asked her how she felt about it and this was her statement.

“My opinion of that bill is terrible. We want every American to feel comfortable packing a concealed weapon? Around the country? I represent 40 million Californians, and I can say without hesitation, Californians do not want concealed carry.” Feinstein boldly stated.

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She added that she does not believe that the Constitution protects concealed carrying.

Finishing up Feinstein said, “I am saying that the state I represent would not want any part of that, nor should any American. You just make the situation worse. You let somebody with a weapon who may do you harm get close to you. Why would you want that?”

We will just leave it that. Please discuss this ridiculousness in the comment threads below.

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