Gun Owners Cornered: It’s time to remember the 9th Amendment

cornered kittenHow many things can be used against us to control our guns? “Universal” background checks, making us pay for our own background checks, backlogs for processing background checks, extra taxes on guns and ammo, mental health records, size of guns, parts of guns, size of magazines, approved locations to use or carry guns, special locks, “acceptable” storage, transportation laws, military service, gun permit stats and of course, now – our kids.


It was bad enough when my junior-high-age son had his American Rifleman magazine taken out of his hands on the school bus and told it wasn’t “appropriate.” He was confused. He asked why it was inappropriate when it is legal for him to hunt and there are books in the school library with guns and tanks and wars. It was bad enough when even in high school he has been told he can’t talk about hunting or guns in front of other kids because they might be “offended” by it. It was even worse when kids started getting kicked out of school for pictures of guns and especially for the now famous “pop tart gun”. Every person with an ounce of common sense shook their heads at that one. Anything else can be discussed in school – sex, drugs – but not guns? We’ve made the mistake of allowing too many concessions, going along to get along, allowing the schools and liberals to call the shots and letting them deny our kids their constitutional right to free speech.


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But now a dad posts a picture on Facebook of his son, legally and safely holding a gun, and child protective services show up at his door with the police and force their way into his house. It’s one thing to face the police, another to face the people that can yank your kid out of your home and make sure you don’t get him back for weeks or months. This is true government tyranny. This time it ended up OK (although whoever reported it should have to pay the dad’s attorney’s fees) but what happens to the next family who doesn’t have a lawyer on speed dial? Who maybe isn’t as savvy as this dad was?


Will Bloomberg, Feinstein and their cronies now start going after parents, just trying to cause enough problems in the hopes that parents will give up their guns rather than face child protective service intimidation and massive lawyer fees? While there aren’t enough foster homes to place all the children of the millions of gun owners in the United States, will they still try to do a few, just enough to make a point? The point that they have the power and will use it against us? Parents can easily stand up to a bad guy to protect their kids but when that bad guy is our own government and is threatening to remove our kids from our protection, it is getting really scary. But make no mistake about it – we will stand up.


If this was the first amendment we were talking about, if politicians were using every trick in the book to stop us from talking – censored internet, taxes on tweets, controlling the size of your computer or the amount of internet time you were allowed to spend on giving your opinion – there would be an outcry unlike any ever seen before. So why is the second amendment different? It simply shouldn’t be.


It’s time to remember the 9th Amendment: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” This says to me that having the First Amendment does not give anyone the right to deny OUR right to the Second Amendment nor to harass us for choosing to exercise that right. That includes using our kids as the last and most disgusting weapon against us. The left’s willingness to use and exploit both live and dead children is the most disturbing and morally outrageous aspect of this whole so-called “sensible” discussion on guns they keep claiming they want to have. Enough is enough. We are finished with our kids being targeted in the left’s war against our constitutional rights. And let’s be very clear – it IS the left and it IS the Democrats. Just look at each politician’s voting records on these topics. The enemy is now clearly defined.


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