Gun permit applications in Newtown have almost tripled since Sandy Hook tragedy

SIGN UP LINEThe tragedy at Sandy Hook this past December sparked a nationwide gun control debate, but that’s not all that it sparked, according to a report by the Associated Press on Tuesday, March 19.

The town of about 27,000 people generally issues about 130 gun permits each year, however, since mid-December it has already received 79 applications, almost triple the normal amount. At the same time, firearm sales have hit record numbers around the nation, thus spawning the joke, yet again, that Barack Obama is the world’s greatest gun salesman.

The surge in both permit applications and guns sales not only in Newtown, but around the nation has been the result of the predictable threat against Second Amendment rights following the Newtown tragedy.

The record manager for the Newtown Police Department, Robert Berkins, told the Associated Press:

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“A good percentage of people are making it clear they think their rights are going to be taken away”

“We’re all upset about what happened in Newtown, but it doesn’t mean … we want to have our rights taken away.”

Berkins then goes on to explain that they are also seeing a wider variety of applicants, not just the usual hunters, target shooters and business owners.

The massive increase may come as a surprise to some since…



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