GUN ROMANCE: Improving Your ‘Male-Female-Firearm’ Relationships

Mr and Mrs SmithThe number of women arming themselves with firearms has increased by 77 percent over the last seven years.  Not surprisingly, the more women learn about guns, the more they realize the farce of the anti-gun messageguns are not evil, they are empowering, especially for women.  Nevertheless, the answer to this feminine firearm inflation remains somewhat furtive to some folks, though it would seem one simple explanation lies right out in the open: male-female relationships.

My wife, a former Marine, recently pointed this out to me.

Though she and I are both Marine Corps vets, my wife’s previous experience with guns was probably not all that unlike other women’s. Prior to her commission in the Marine Corps, she had never fired a gun in her life and for the most part, her interest in guns has been shaped entirely through male influences. Fortunately, the instructors who have trained her have been positive, encouraging, and knowledgeable.

Nevertheless, my wife’s most serious interest in guns came after she completed her Marine Corps commitment. In fact, her current enthusiasm for guns stems more from my own, and mine has also increased since the Marine Corps but in truth wanting my wife to have an ability to protect herself in situations I prefer not to imagine is what has actually motivated me to make guns a part of our daily life.

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But then I understand that trying to ignore the ugly realities or just wish them away does not make women safer.  Guns in the hands of women who know how to use them do.  Many, it seems do not.

As for my wife, whenever people meet her, they are usually quite surprised to learn that she is a former Marine. Weighing about 125 pounds, she does not have the imposing presence that many civilians or America’s enemies imagine when they think of the Marine Corps. But despite my wife’s small stature, she is athletic. As a Marine, she could max the male Marines’ PFT (physical fitness test), decidedly impressive because the average male Marine does not even max this test.

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