GUY PULLS A GUN ON CAB DRIVER: But He Doesn’t Know This is Right Behind Him [WATCH]

taxi-gun-screenshot-640x480This guy was not very observant. Good thing he was caught and the cab driver is okay!

On March 8, a suspect put a gun to the head of a taxi driver and demanded all his money, but failed to notice that the car directly behind the taxi was a police cruiser.

According to ABC 7, a dash camera mounted inside the taxi captured the harrowing moments as the hooded suspect put the gun against the driver’s head and screamed, “Give me all your money man! Give me everything you got.” As the driver dug in his pockets for money the suspect said, “We can do this the easy way or the hard way,” and he continually demanded the driver keep his hands where they could be seen.

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When the officer saw what was happening he turned on his lights and approached the taxi on foot, gun drawn. The officer arrested 18-year-old Victor Herrea and took him jail. He was charged with “robbery and making terroristic threats,” and it was later revealed he using a pellet gun instead of a real one.

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Terror in a taxi: Attempted armed robbery caught on cameraTerror in a taxi: Horrifying video captured a robber pulling a gun and pointing it at the head of a taxi driver. One thing neither man in the cab seems to notice is the patrol car right behind them.

Posted by ABC7 on Tuesday, March 8, 2016


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