HA! Harry Reid Says ‘The Border is Secure’

Editor’s Note: What a joke. Claiming the border is secure at this point is just a blatant lie. It’s even too blatant to be taken seriously.

Texas lawmakers Senator John Cornyn (R) and Representative Henry Cuellar (D) introduced a bipartisan solution to the immigration problem …only to have Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid say he would not support the bill because “the border is secure.

[Cornyn and Cuellar’s legislation would] speed up the deportations of tens of thousands of Central American children who have entered the country illegally across the southern border.

Sen. John Cornyn (R) and Rep. Henry Cuellar (D) say their bill aims to amend a 2008 law that currently requires the federal government to provide greater legal protections to young immigrants who attempt to enter the United States from noncontiguous countries.

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It’s fairly clear that if the border was “secure” as Harry Reid insists, you wouldn’t be reading this.

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