HACK ATTACK: Millions Targeted by Health Insurer Hack

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Not only are Americans battling with Obamacare, but now we’ve got hackers messing with our insurance. That’s just dandy…

Anthem, America’s second largest health insurer, has lost millions of customer records to hackers.

The attackers stole names, addresses, birthdays and social security numbers of customers from every one of Anthem’s business units.

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So far, Anthem has not said how many records were lost or how many people have been affected.

However, security experts believe personal details about tens of millions of people could have gone missing.

FBI warning
Anthem is known to have about 37 million customers using its health plans. A further 32 million people are linked to it through its affiliates.

In a statement, Anthem said it had closed the security vulnerability that had been exploited by attackers as soon as it had learned of it.

The attack had also been reported to the FBI.

Security company FireEye has been hired to help investigate how the attack unfolded.

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