Liberals Literally Think the World is Going to End Because Trump Left Paris Accord

Sensationalist liberals are professing the world’s end because Trump has decided to put America’s economy first and leave the Paris Accord.

“Donald Trump’s decision on Thursday to abandon the Paris Agreement is apocalyptic,” writes CNN’s John D. Sutter.

With that kind of opening you know things are just going to get worse.

“This could be the US President’s most lasting and damaging policy decision,” he continues, “a moment that reverberates from the present through future generations who will be left with the unjust burden of cleaning up the mess we are making of the Earth.”

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…cue the ‘end of the world’ music please…

Sutter continues to state that “the best hope” for the planet is for other countries to continue the good fight without America.

“And if that fails,” he continues, “there are always the 21 young people who are suing Trump and his administration in federal court over the climate crisis.”

After a bit more hysteria, Sutter finally gets around to the meat and potatoes of his article – a list of 31 ways withdrawal from the Paris Agreement is, like, literally the worst thing, ever.

Among the more entertaining points on Sutter’s list are “coastal cities from New York to Shanghai will flood,” and “mass extinction is brewing in the natural world.”

Never fear. Sutter isn’t the only liberal losing his shit right now.

Trump must be sitting in the Oval Office like:


In case you were wondering if their outrage was all bullsh*t, here are 5 TOP reasons Trump’s exist was the right move.


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