HAPPY 4/20: Border Agents Find Drug Tunnel PACKED TO THE ROOF With Marijuana and Cocaine

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Someone’s fiesta for 4/20 just got ruined. Incredible work!

Border agents have discovered what could be the longest cross-border tunnel in history, seizing seven tons of marijuana and a ton of cocaine that were crammed inside.

The 2,600ft tunnel extended 900ft from a house in Tijuana, Mexico, and across the border for a further 1,500ft, where it surfaced in a fenced-off industrial area in San Diego.

The tunnel, discovered just in time for 4/20, the day every year that marijuana culture is celebrated across the US and beyond, was equipped with a rail system, ventilation, lights and a large elevator, officials said.

The exit on the U.S. side is about three feet wide and was covered by a trash can inside a wooden pallet warehouse.

The tunnel could be the longest ever discovered by border officials.

A man who works near the industrial site told Fox 5 that he had been suspicious of the warehouse for some time. He said the pallet factory had been open for around a year.

‘Once I saw them put up cameras inside I knew something was going on,’ he said.

‘They were here last night and the night before, I came in and was like what’s going on and they said they shut everything down.’

Six people were arrested in San Diego and charged with drugs offenses.

The previous longest tunnel found is believed to have been approximately 2,400ft long, slightly shorter than today’s discovery.


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