Happy Gun Appreciation Day

gun appreGun Appreciation Day is January 19th, and I predict it will be a bang up success (pun very much intended).

I love guns and the fact that we live in a country founded on rugged individualism.  Because of that, many citizens are very pro-gun.  Contrary to what you may hear from the anti-gun crowd, this doesn’t make these citizens a bunch of crazies bent on turning every corner of America into the Wild West.  It’s just the opposite.  These patriots respect our Second Amendment right to bear arms as the chief means we have of ultimately protecting our individual liberties, including the First Amendment.

I particularly resent the way the anti-gun crowd portray people committed to protecting the Second Amendment.  If you know anything about guns, you know they’re sexy (because they represent power and power is sexy) and they’re safe.  True proponents of keeping our Second Amendment rights alive know how important it is to respect the power of a gun and keep and maintain it in a safe manner.

These gun rights advocates are the good guys and the good guys aren’t the problem.  It’s the whack jobs. Nothing gun haters want to do would prevent all the recent tragedies we’ve seen from happening.  Unfortunately, by focusing so much on curtailing the rights of the good guys, it’s ultimately only the whack jobs who’ll have guns if the gun haters get their way.

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I’m particularly disgusted by how elites treat this issue.  Politicians and celebrities see nothing hypocritical in not only having a single gun themselves but in some cases…



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