Harry Reid: Close to Averting Nuclear Option, Threatens Republicans Will Lose the Filibuster


WASHINGTON — It looks like Harry Reid might not go nuclear.

The Democratic Senate majority leader hinted during remarks on the Senate floor Tuesday that Republicans and Democrats are on the cusp of making a deal that would prevent him from invoking the “nuclear option” and pushing through changes to the Senate’s rules limiting filibuster.

“I think we see a way forward that will be good for everybody,” Reid said.

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“I think it will be something that is good for the Senate,” the Democrat added. “It is a compromise.”

His remarks come after senators from both parties spent nearly four hours on Monday night in a rare closed-door meeting inside the Old Senate Chamber of the Capitol to discuss Reid’s threats to stop Republicans from being able to filibuster President Obama’s executive nominees.

“I will say that I hope that everyone learned a lesson last night,” Reid said. “It sure helps to sit down and talk to each other.”

Upset over several Obama nominations that have been held up by Republicans, Reid has vowed to change the Senate rules to prevent future Republican filibustering. Under those changes, Senate rules would only require 51 votes to end a filibuster on presidential nominees, instead of the current 60 required votes.



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