Harvey Weinstein at UCLA: Liberal Illogic on Display

weinsteinIn a world spinning out of control so rapidly that even hiding under one’s bed isn’t safe anymore, why would anyone talk about the likes of Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein? Because, in the wake of CPAC, Weinstein, in a keynote speech at UCLA’s 38th Entertainment Symposium, exposed the very core of the liberal psychosis Conservatism faces in the 2014 elections and beyond.

Weinstein has an impressive CV; co-creator of Miramax, he has produced over 283 films. He’s won an Oscar. He has stage plays and television productions to his credit. He’s even won an OBE in recognition for his work to the British film industry. In short, he is an undisputed mogul and a powerhouse of American industry. Unfortunately Weinstein’s orientation is representative of what is acceptable in today’s liberal culture. He is a zealous and unapologetic statist. That means that his ideology can encompass two completely conflicting demands without causing ructions.

Weinstein’s Entertainment Symposium speech made an impassioned plea for a reduction of taxes in California…for the movie industry. The same man who endorses President-Redistribution-of–Wealth. Just not when it’s his wealth. Variety quoted Weinstein: “ ‘There’s no reason for us not to shoot here, except when you do the numbers here and when you do the numbers in New Orleans…it is much more attractive financially’…He cited the example of “Southpaw,” (a Weinstein production)
as a project that could have shot in Los Angeles were it not for the generous tax incentives in the Big Easy.

But Weinstein said that Los Angeles and California ‘doesn’t even have to give the same discount’ to remain competitive, noting the cost and hassle of having to locate actors and other talent in New Orleans is an added expense despite their generous tax incentives.” That “expense” didn’t prevent Weinstein from taking advantage of Conservative-run Louisiana’s more attractive, financial climate. Clearly, Weinstein’s genius does not extend to rational extrapolation. Thanks to Weinstein ,Hollywood and a liberal elite that demands that others do as they say, not as they do, California is flat broke.

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Where, pray tell, does Weinstein expect additional tax breaks to come from? Perhaps from the ever-dwindling remnants of California’s wealthy inhabitants? Weinstein doesn’t see a need to connect the dots. His puerile “I want it so I deserve it” convictions have hit reality’s wall. Hollywood is coming face to face with the fact that they and their fellow statists have become reverse alchemists. They’ve successfully turned the Golden State into lead.

Weinstein’s liberal illogic doesn’t stop there. Once an avid supporter of Hillary for President, he permitted himself to be wooed by The Lyin’ King and FLOTUS once the inevitable die was cast. On Saturday, The Hollywood Reporter quoted Weinstein: “ ‘I strongly support Hillary. When she lost, Michelle invited me back in …[the Obamas] are definitely idealists and care deeply about this country. I was very impressed by them. And the first lady is beyond beyond,’ he said.”

Although correct in his assessment of FLOTUS as “beyond beyond,” to paraphrase a sentence from Senator Ted Cruz’s CPAC speech, I don’t think Weinstein’s phrase, “beyond beyond”, means what he thinks it means. Weinstein remains a steadfast supporter of Hillary despite the fact that last week he DNC failed to come up with a single, Hillary accomplishment.

During the same Q&A at UCLA, Weinstein shared another nugget of liberal conviction. According to Variety: “He chided Republicans for their focus on the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, particularly over the role of Clinton as Secretary of State…‘There’s nothing to it,’ he said of Benghazi. ‘I mean, there’s a lot to it, but there’s nothing to what these guys are saying. Hillary Clinton didn’t answer her phone and that is how Americans died, that’s complete bullshit. It sounds good, but I don’t believe the guys who are saying it believe it.’” Neither do other die-hard Hillary supporters. And therein lays the problem.

Weinstein’s dysfunctional logic is widespread and must not be ignored. He merely offers a high-profile example of the views that riddle the nation. For example, Condoleezza Wright was slated to receive an honorary doctoral degree from Rutgers University in May. Just the other day Rutgers faculty and students demanded that the honor be rescinded and withdrew her invitation to their commencement ceremony. Liberal commentator Juan Williams was outraged. It is symptomatic of statist hypocrisy that Williams, outspoken against any opinions further right than The Lyin’ King’s, could defend Ms. Rice.

Leftist tenets suggest that what makes Ms. Rice acceptable to Mr. Williams’ statist brethren is not her merit; rather, it is her skin color. The Tea Party News Network provided apt excerpts from Dr. Benjamin Carson’s CPAC address: “I hate political correctness…the problem is that (common sense individuals) have been ‘beaten into submission by the PC (political-correctness) policemen,’ which has kept people from speaking up about what they believe. Unfortunately, America’s leaders are ideologues…who don’t care about facts…” Weinstein typifies this.

Statist irrationality has been permitted to fester, unimpeded, in every aspect of American perception. There isn’t much time left to put an end to the Left’s monopoly on what is considered correct and to reinstate logic to its rightful place in America’s consciousness. An Oscar isn’t at stake; it’s the survival of the Republic.


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