Hate is a Strong Word But Illegal Immigrants, Democrats Really Really Don’t Like You


Liberals must really dislike illegal immigrants. I mean they must REALLY dislike them. Supposedly they want to “help” all these folks but they are really just setting them up for failure, abuse, and exploitation.

The first way they are setting them up for problems is by supporting them working in agriculture, supposedly because, “We need more unskilled workers.” So first of all, why do we need more unskilled workers? Maybe we should stop telling all of our kids that they HAVE to go to college or they’ll never have a job. How many college graduates today can’t find work? How about if we were to allow teenagers to work in fields again?

So many laws have been put in place to “protect” teens that we have protected them out of earning money and learning the value of work ethics. So this begs another question – why is it so bad for our kids to work in agriculture that laws had to be made to protect them? Is it so the little darlings don’t have to lift a finger? Or is it because of the chemicals used? If so, then all the liberals who theoretically want to “help” illegal immigrants are actually putting them in a dangerous situation of working around hazardous chemicals. Or is that just OK for “them” but not our kids?

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The second way these helpful people are setting illegals up for exploitation is by insisting that everything be presented in Spanish so that they can understand it and supposedly to respect their culture. It sounds like a nice idea but the “helpful” liberals are only helping the illegals to be exploited.

If they can’t read anything other than government documents prepared for them, how will they even read a warning, a sign or anything else that could be life-or-death for them? I would never DREAM of moving to another country to live without knowing the language!

I would want to know everything that is being said around me and in writing around me so that I could protect myself.

The third way liberals are harming illegals is simply by supporting the concept. While it may seem nice that they simply hope there will be the kind of reform they want one day, in the meantime, nearly every day you can read a story about an illegal who was treated unfairly, sexually abused, or otherwise harmed.

These illegals know the law is still the law and what they are doing can get them in trouble or deported. So they feel they have to accept the abuse and exploitation or be found out. How is that possibly helpful to them building a better life here?

Why would people who profess to care about illegal immigrants set them up for failure, abuse and exploitation? Just like parents who think that they should do everything for their child, they are really doing their child harm. The child never learns to take care of themselves, yet the parent won’t always be there to do everything for them.

Their child is totally dependent on them and simply will not be able to live without them. Is that really what they want? It’s all about the parent feeling good about themselves, not doing what is best for their child. So do these people really care about the illegals or does it just make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Or is it because they don’t want their kids to work in fields, their kids are “above” working as unskilled labor in low-wage, dangerous jobs?

No, the people who think they are being morally righteous by standing up for illegal immigrants need to think very carefully and very clearly about what they are really doing and their reasons for it. Because setting someone else up for problems in the name of “compassion” is actually being a party to the failure, exploitation and abuse.

I realized that by not speaking up about it in order not to be controversial, that I was a party to it as well. There’s nothing compassionate or helpful about that at all.


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