HAUNTING: Images and Video of 9/11 Museum are Unveiled Before Opening

Some of the haunting exhibits that will make up the National 9/11 Museum in a giant cavern beneath the World Trade Center site have been unveiled before it opens in mid-May.

The heartbreaking items include a scorched ambulance, destroyed payphones, abandoned fire and rescue helmets, and bikes that have never been picked up that remained locked to their racks.

But after the opening was delayed by years due to funding disputes, engineering challenges and a nearly disastrous flood, there was controversy over the ticket price of $24 announced last Friday.

National 9/11 Memorial and Museum President Joe Daniels said that tickets would go on sale for the museum in March for the spring opening.

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That $24 price is in line with other major tourist attractions in New York City.

It costs $18 to take a ferry to the Statue of Liberty, $25 to see the Museum of Modern Art and $27 to visit the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

But the fee drew protests from critics, including some relatives of 9/11 victims, who said the high price would keep average Americans out.

Unlike many other big museums in the city, there won’t be the option of paying less than the ‘suggested donation.’

Under the pricing plan approved by the foundation’s board, there will be no admission charge for relatives of 9/11 victims or for many thousands of construction workers, police officers, firefighters, and others who assisted in the rescue and cleanup operation at ground zero.

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