Have Soap Box – Will Travel: In Response to Your Response to My Letter Senator Blunt

sbI spent two hours this morning penning, and hopefully perfecting, a letter to Senator Roy Blunt.  He is one of my elected senators, and I know I will get absolutely nowhere with his counterpart, Claire McCaskill.  My letter was about amnesty and the sacred trust this nation has to the children who were born here on American soil to parents who were here legally.
It went beyond what is politically correct to speak to what I believe to be the heart of the matter.  If we spend resources aiding those criminals who came into our nation illegally, where are those funds supposed to come from?
I asserted that they would come from an already overburdened population who is struggling to care for their own children and their own needs, let alone the needs of people who are not supposed to be here in the first place.
Of course, I received what I expected in return – a form letter.  Thank you Senator Blunt.  Now, I realize that he cannot be expected to read every letter, or email in this case, that crosses his path, and that my name simply went down on the list of dissenters, but that is the problem.  Somewhere in that pile of letters that citizens are mindfully penning are the solutions our nation is looking for.
Solutions that our Senators and Representatives will not hear, will not listen to and will not heed.  There is wisdom in the common man that is lost to Washington.  There is an understanding of human nature that is sadly lacking on Capital Hill.  And, it is all to the detriment of our nation.
Don’t get me wrong.  I am not without compassion.  We are a nation of immigrants.  My husband’s grandfather fled from Armenia during the genocide that so inspired Hitler.  I know there are reasons people flee from their nation to ours.    I feel for their plight.
However, charity cannot be funded from empty purses.  A people who are so taxed, so put upon, so compelled by the injustices of our present day government cannot long stand.  Then where will we be?  Where will our children be ten, twenty, thirty years from now when our government amasses massive, crippling debt, caring for people who are not her own?
We see the damage now – a nation buckling under the strain of failing social programs – Obamaphones that are sold for drug money, food stamps that are traded for cash, unemployed who are making the status of unemployment a career choice, and the list goes on.  I am not talking about the seniors whose children have graduated college who suddenly think they do not need to support their local school districts – I am talking about glaringly obvious waste when there is so much want that needs to be addressed.
Seniors who cannot get the decent medical care because they need in rural areas; veterans who cannot get life saving services because there are no beds at the VA hospitals; children who go to bed hungry because there is not enough money for groceries; kids who are raising themselves because their parents must work multiple jobs just to make ends meet.
And, somewhere, in Washington, there are those who think it’s a good idea to give an unknown number of illegal immigrants access to every social service they can avail themselves of while leaving struggling families to pick up the tab.  Oh, but they will work and pay taxes – because they are so honest – but aren’t they criminals by virtue of the fact that they are here ILLEGALLY?  I fail to see the logic.
As I said, I am not without compassion.  I feel for the children who were brought here in early childhood or were born here of illegal immigrant parents, who have no knowledge of their parent’s homeland and heritage; and, I feel there is a case for mitigating circumstances.  I would not want to send them back.  In fact, I would fight to keep them here.
But, setting that subsection of the population aside, we have to admit that by and large we know nothing about the background of the majority of this population.  It could be argued that our forgiveness of the present group of immigrants might entice others to seek out more glorious shores.  And, what of those who struggled and waited to get into our nation legally – it is a slap in the face to all of them.
In that instance, amnesty is like rewarding a three year old with a double-decker ice cream cone, complete with sprinkles, for throwing a temper tantrum while the four year old, who has sat as well mannered as any four year old can, gets a single cookie.
But, of course, that’s just my take on it.  I will put away my soap box for now.


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