Have You Had Enough Of The Lying Left, Yet?

Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton and her husband former U.S. President Bill Clinton attend church service at Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church in Waterloo, IowaI am fed up with the lies that constantly coming from the Left, blaming the predictable results of their ideology-driven mistakes on conservatives. Everything is the fault of the Republicans, from non-existent “global warming” to the demise of our cities, brought about by years of liberal welfare programs.

By the time GW Bush left office, he was a very unpopular President, largely because he swatted the Islamic hornet’s nest and couldn’t control the result that followed. Obama, obviously, isn’t having a lot of luck on that score, either.

Nevertheless, everything was “Bush’s fault”. This was funny at first, because all Presidents inherit the good and the bad results of previous administrations, but no previous President had been so adolescent as to continually whine about that fact. Indeed, previous Presidents did their best to fix the problems they inherited, whereas Obama has only made them worse.

After years in office, however, blaming Bush got pretty stale. After considerable lampooning on late night TV, which is apparently where Obama gets his political advice when he is not reading “Rules For Radicals”, he finally gave that worn-out tactic a rest.

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Did he stop blaming conservatives? No, he just shifted his aim. One of his favorite is the Koch brothers, because they are two of the few big-money donors to conservative causes. Most big money folks, like Soros, or Gates, or Turner, or the airheads in Hollywood, are democrat donors, so the poor Koch’s have become the new Bush.

But Obama does not limit his blame game to individuals. He also targets any business enterprise, unless of course it is one of his subsidized “green” concerns or other sham “businesses” that are wasting taxpayer money while lining their pockets. Naturally, the coal industry, which supplies about half the energy we use in this country, is a favored target, not because it is not an essential industry that heats our homes and provides our power, but because it offends Obama’s patrician sensibilities.

It should come as no surprise that the NRA, an organization that is struggling to help Americans retain their right to keep and bear arms, is always in Obama’s sights. Naturally, every time some whack job decides to go on a shooting rampage, whether it be a simple domestic dispute or a school shooting, the NRA is blamed, as if it furnished the guns or did the shooting itself.

Obama and his lackey Holder set up “Fast And Furious”, where they deliberately sidestepped all the laws in place, to funnel weapons illegally to Mexico in order to claim that they had been bought legally in the US and were responsible for the carnage south of the border. This illegal and reprehensible operation was set up to frame the NRA, when it is precisely the NRA that has promoted the laws they circumvented.

Still, despite the constant barrage of lies regarding crime statistics, the history of the Second Amendment, and on and on, at least the Left stuck more or less to the area of crime committed with guns. Now, however, they have expanded their field, and reached a new low.

Hold onto your seats – the Obama administration is now blaming the NRA for Ebola. Yes, you heard that right, it is the fact that we currently have no Surgeon General, who would merely be another leftist Obama appointee by definition, that is the cause for the Ebola problem in this country.

Never mind the fact that Obama has steadfastly refused to implement the simplest and most effective, not to mention the cheapest, public health measure of simply stopping anyone from the infected African countries from coming to the US. Obama has repeatedly assured us that there is no problem, but there is obviously a problem as cases continue to turn up. Obama and the CDC say that there is no chance that there will be an Ebola outbreak, but the WHO says we could see 10,000 new cases per week within two months. But Obama and the Director of the CDC, Thomas Frieden, will not take that simple step, and are therefore endangering every American with their intransigence and stupidity.

But whose fault is this? Why, it is the NRA, of course. How’s that? Well, the NRA opposes Obama’s choice, Dr. Vivek Murthy, because he has a history of exploiting his status as a medical practitioner to advance a purely political agenda of extreme and unproven gun control measures.

Dr. Murthy sent two letters from his organization Doctors for America (formerly Doctors for Obama – nothing partisan here, move along now) to Vice President Joe Biden and Congress, advocating for stringent gun controls. The letter to Congress a ban on popular semi-autos and their ammunition, limits on ammunition purchases, firearm owner licensing, and a mandatory waiting period of at least 48 hours.

The letter also suggested using the resources of the Centers for Disease Control to provide data for gun control efforts. In other words, Murthy would politicize the CDC, as Obama has politicized the IRS, the DHS, and every other agency under his control, and use it to cook up more phony “data”, as he does for the economy and everything else the government is supposed to monitor impartially.

Would Murthy have prevented the Ebola problem? Evidence for the claim that blocking his nomination prevented us from profiting from his unequaled capacity to competently manage the Ebola outbreak is glaringly lacking.

In fact, 37-year-old Murthy’s primary qualification for receiving the nomination for surgeon general appears to be his political activism on behalf of Obama in the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns and during heated legislative battles such as those over health care reform and gun control. Indeed, his claim to fame is offering his unsolicited “expertise” on gun control in correspondence to America’s leaders.

Most telling, however, is that is choosing his “Ebola czar” last week, Obama had ample opportunity to select Murthy. He didn’t. Instead, he picked partisan hack partisan hack Ron Klain, who led the failed campaign to deny President Bush his honest Florida vote count in 2000, a man with no medical experience whatsoever.

Klain’s expertise must derive from his experience as a lobbyist for Fannie Mae until subprime mortgages and their derivatives led to the “Great Recession”, and that he garnered as Chief of Staff to Al Gore and Joe Biden.

Is there any doubt that Obama routinely and consistently appoints people to powerful positions who have no credibility other than loyalty to him and his far left agenda? Is there any question that Obama will use any ruse to convince the American people to give up their right to self-defense in order to completely destroy our Constitution and our way of life?


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