HE WON’T ‘DELETE OUR PROBLEMS’: Donald Trump Jr. NAILS His RNC Speech–Crowd Goes Wild [VIDEO]

This speech will have you shouting AMERICA!! DTJ nails his appearance in front of the convention. Check it out.

Donald Trump Jr. delivered a blistering indictment of Hillary Clinton and emerged as a high-profile supporter of school choice and gun rights on Tuesday night as he praised his father just hours after the elder Trump claimed the Republican presidential nomination.

‘If Hillary Clinton were elected, she would be the first president who couldn’t pass a basic background check. It’s incredible!’ he told a packed convention floor in Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena.

‘Hillary Clinton is a risk Americans can’t afford to take.’

Trump, 38, soaked up applause from thousands – and then tweeted: ‘Now that was intense. What a rush.’

He framed the Democratic Party as obstructionist and government-obsessed – and did it without naming them.

‘The other party gave us a regulatory state on steroids,’ he boomed. ‘The other party is the party of risk.’

‘The other party gave us public schools that all too often fail our students, especially those who have no options.’.

‘Our schools used to be an elevator to the middle class,’ Trump said. ‘Now they’re stalled on the ground floor. They’re like Soviet-era department stores that are run for the benefit of the clerks and not the customers, for the teachers and the administrators and not the students.’

‘You know why other countries do better in K through 12? They let parents choose where to send their own children to school!’ he exclaimed. ‘That’s called competition. It’s called the free market. And it’s what the other party fears.’

‘They fear it because they’re more concerned about protecting the jobs of tenured teachers than serving the students in desperate need of a good education.’

School choice advocates push for voucher programs that permit parents to send their children to private schools for which they qualify, and to do it with taxpayer dollars.

They see such programs as a path toward shuttering failing schools as families flee, and a leveling influence that allows poor parents to give their children opportunities usually reserved for the wealthy.

‘We’re going to make our schools the best in the world for every single American of every single ethnicity and background,’ he pledged.

Trump cast Clinton, as his father has, as an anti-Second Amendment activist who would upend gun rights and erect roadblocks in front of the law-abiding who want firearms for self-defense.


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