HEAR ME ROAR: Baby Given No Chance of Survival Beats the Odds After Parents Reject Abortion

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.22.20 AMThis is one heck of a story.

Little baby Naomi captured the hearts of pro-lifers recently after the tiny preemie defied doctors’ dire predictions and lived.

Naomi Bakker was born 15 weeks premature, and doctors told her parents that her “chances of survival without health complications were less than one percent,” National Right to Life News reported recently.

But the “feisty” baby girl fought for her life for five months in a Reno, Nevada hospital and now “Naomi is healthy and ready to graduate from the NICU with few complications,” according to Fox 28 reporter Elizabeth Faugl.

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Live Action News reports more on the family’s story:

At 23 weeks gestation, Angela Bakker and her husband, Michael, were devastated to learn that their baby girl was not going to live. A routine ultrasound revealed that she was measuring much smaller than she should be, and she was diagnosed with intrauterine growth restriction. The placenta had not grown into the uterus properly and the little girl was not receiving adequate nutrition. The doctor told the heartbroken parents that their daughter would likely die in the womb.

Concerned for their daughter, the couple decided to get a second opinion, and they left their home in Reno, Nevada, to head to the University of California at San Francisco to meet with experts in their baby’s condition. Unfortunately, those doctors confirmed the diagnosis, and they told the Bakkers that there was the option to terminate.

Doctors repeatedly encouraged the Bakkers to abort Naomi, but they refused. They said if their daughter was going to die, they were going to let her die on her own time, according to the article.

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