HEAVEN ON EARTH? Machine Gun ‘Theme Park’ to Open in Orlando

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Just the playground gun lovers need! This is cool.

With 10 shooting lanes, eight-inch concrete walls lined with steel plates, high-end bullet traps, and a dual-air system for a cool and fresh atmosphere, Machine Gun America may just seem like a luxury gun range, but its owners say otherwise. Instead, the facility is touted as Orlando’s first “Automatic Adrenaline Attraction” and will be opening its doors on Saturday.

Racks of AK rifles, Thompson submachine guns, and the iconic Uzi are offered to visitors to try out, along with other automatic weapons that are difficult to find or obtain.

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“This is unlike any other experience in the country. The live shooting experiences will include themed packages featuring some of the most famous firearms from around the world,” said the facility’s safety and training director, Wes Doss, in a press release.

Machine Gun America’s owners say that it is not a gun range per se because visitors are not allowed to bring their own firearms. That is not to mean that attraction is not for gun owners, in fact the company expects that many of its guests will be shooting enthusiasts who want to experience firing classic or expensive firearms.

“We’ve had people who have never touched a firearm in their life, and then we have people who are aficionados,” general manager Bruce Nierenberg told the New York Daily News regarding pre-opening guests.

“​MGA provides the excitement of a machine gun shoot akin to the Los Vegas facilities, but with a twist,” Doss told OutdoorHub. “The ranges are overbuilt and the number-one concern for our staff is safety. What it can offer people, whether they are enthusiasts or just curious, is the experience of trying out a collection of museum-quality pieces that go from World War One to our current generation of modern firearms.”

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