‘Hell To Pay’: Ferguson Store Owners Furious with Rioters, Rebuild Our Stores ‘Or Else…’

Now that things are quieting down in Ferguson, the businesses owners that were victimized during the riots are looking for some justice.

It’s purely unbelievable how the looters and rioters of Ferguson, Missouri, have betrayed their own community. Furthermore, it’s disgusting that so many from around the country came to seize upon the lawlessness as an opportunity to loot and riot under the flimsy pretense of crusading for social justice.

Now, as Ferguson returns to a semblance of normalcy, some within the community have a message for business owners who had their stores burned and looted:

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“You better rebuild the looted and burned stores… or else…”

CBS News dutifully offered the media’s preferred narrative surrounding the Ferguson riots and interviewed three young men, Gunny, Trey and Luciano.

“We tired of being looked at like another species; it ain’t even like we human,” Gunny claimed.

Another, Luciano, claimed, “It ain’t no black and white thing; it’s a police against the people thing.”

While all three men claimed to not have been part of the looting and rioting, they seemed to sympathize with the looters and rioters and CBS explained the lawlessness as a function of high unemployment amongst the black community of Ferguson.


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