Here is How Miami Police are Handling the Hurricane Irma Looters…

If looters thought the Miami Police Department (MPD) were off duty during Hurricane Irma, they thought wrong.

The MPD has posted on social media making it very clear that they are not on vacation.

“Thinking about looting? Ask these guys how that turned out. #stayindoors” MPD said on Facebook, after posting a photo of a jail cell full of such criminals.

The police department has arrested 28 people so far on burglary/looting charges. Authorities are asking for help from the locals to report any criminal activity they may see, providing the phone line: 305-4-POLICE.

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Yesterday we reported that Fort Lauderdale, north of Miami, was already experiencing looting as well.

Reporters from Local 10 news network caught a group of people breaking into a local sportswear store on Sunrise Blvd. and Powerline Road.

There were approximately 9 people that committed the crime, breaking into the entrance window. The video below captures them walking in and running out of the store with arms full of stolen merchandise.

In the same are a Footlocker was robbed, also. It is not known if there is any connection between the two incidents

A group then began looting a Footlocker in the same area. It’s not known whether the groups were the same.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office immediately tweeted: “ATTENTION LOOTERS; Every incident will be investigated. Evidence collected will be used to pursue charges after the fact.”

Pembroke Pines Police Department also tweeted: “Any looters who come to Pembroke Pines will be greeted by our officers. Choose wisely and stay home.”

Irma once was the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the open Atlantic, a Category 5 with a peak wind speed of 185 mph (300 kph). For days, forecasters had warned Irma was taking dead aim at the Miami area and the rest of Florida’s Atlantic coast. But then Irma made a westward shift and lost some of its punch while crossing Cuba’s northern coast – just before a crucial turn into Florida’s Gulf Coast.

A weakened but still dangerous Irma pushed inland Monday as it hammered Florida with roof-ripping winds and gushing floodwaters that created hazards even for emergency personnel trying to help beleaguered residents.

More than 3.3 million homes and businesses across Florida lost power, and utility officials said it will take weeks to restore electricity to everyone.


So far there have been 0 fatalities in the state that are directly related to the storm. The Caribbean Islands were not so fortunate, seeing approximately 24 people killed by Irma’s destructive force. “In Cuba, the storm swamped Havana’s iconic seawall, pushing water nearly a third of a mile (half a kilometer) inland,” reports fox5atlanta.

Irma caused one of the largest U.S. evacuations, with nearly 6.4 million people in Florida seeking shelter away from the coast. Around 600,000 others (not living in FL) did the same, brining the mass evacuation to a total of 7 million. The hurricane is expected to hit Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, and further up the East coast. For the first time ever Atlanta is experience a tropical storm warning.

It looks like so far the people of Miami, Florida, dodged a bullet. The citizens should be counting their blessings at this point.


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