HERE IT IS: The Graph That Shows EXACTLY Where Obama is Dropping these Syrian ‘Refugees’

GraphicThis acceptance of ‘migrants’ was started years back as well.

The United States has accepted only a small fraction of the four million refugees who have fled Syria. But they are settling in new places, and more are on the way.

Since the Syrian conflict began four years ago, just 1,854 Syrian refugees have been admitted to the United States.

The refugees who have arrived from Syria since 2012 have been placed in 130 towns and cities. They are among the most vulnerable people in the war: single mothers and their children; religious minorities; victims of violence or torture.

Some of them have reached large cities like Houston, but most have been sent to more affordable, medium-size cities by the nine voluntary agencies that handle refugee resettlement. Boise, Idaho, has accepted more refugees than New York and Los Angeles combined; Worcester, Mass., has taken in more than Boston.

President Obama has said the United States will accept five times as many Syrian refugees this year as the total admitted over the last four years.

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Under pressure from Europe and other countries confronting the global migration crisis, Mr. Obama has raised the number of Syrian refugees who will be offered legal status to at least 10,000 this fiscal year.

Some cities and towns have resisted. In Duncan, S.C., residents and elected officials argue that the federal government cannot possibly screen out terrorists, and some say that more Muslim immigrants would threaten American culture.

But the United States has admitted only small numbers of Syrian refugees compared with other countries.


Syrians still account for a small share of all refugees admitted in the United States.

Syrians made up about 2 percent of the 70,000 refugees admitted during the last fiscal year. The three largest refugee groups were from Myanmar, Iraq and Somalia.

The United States has also admitted far larger numbers in the past. In 1979, it provided sanctuary to 111,000 Vietnamese refugees, and in 1980, it added another 207,000. Around the same time, the country took in more than 120,000 Cuban refugees during the Mariel boatlift, including around 80,000 in one month alone.

Top 15 countries of origin for refugees admitted in fiscal year 2015


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