HEROES: Who Do You Look Up To?

heroHave you ever wondered what your personal choice of heroes says about you? I am gravely concerned by the moral decline of this country, and I attribute a lot of it to who we, our children and our leaders admire.

Having been on the inside of the political sphere for the past six years I have learned a lot, and it disgusts me. It disgusts me enough that soon I will be switching career fields. People are not who they seem and before you even hang up the phone with someone they have already double-crossed you. It’s become a “get-ahead” game, and if someone can use you, throw you under the bus to look better, or make money off of you, you better believe they will.

Whenever I hear people talk about how great a politician is (I don’t care what side of the aisle they are on) I shake my head and think, if only they knew the true nature of the “belly of the beast”.  For all those people who think President Obama is the greatest orator since Abraham Lincoln, I want to slap them and tell them they’ve officially been duped! Their “hero’s” planning worked, and it was money well spent on speech writing. I want to tell them, “Think for yourself!”, he just spent a ton of money polling and finding out what you want to hear; finding out what will make you swoon over him and think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I don’t look at these people as heroes. Why, because they can tell you what you …

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