Hey Girl, Liberate Yourself from Birth Control and Embrace Guns to Feel Empowered

In a time where leftist policies and ideas are robbing children of their innocence, it isn’t surprising that moral relativists and their surrogates are deliberately targeting young girls.

For example, Planned Parenthood deceives many young women by claiming it supports their well-being by promoting “reproductive rights” through the solicitation of abortion and the hook-up culture.

CNSNews.com recently reported that the Planned Parenthood Info for Teens Facebook page is encouraging young girls to embrace promiscuity in order to “stop the slut shamming.” The page featured a link to MTV’s Sextra Credit Episode 2 with gay activist and “sex expert” Francisco Ramirez.

Ramirez says negative stigmas attached to the word “slut” should be dismissed. Rather, he suggests that the label be embraced and encouraged.

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“A lot of people define slut as someone who has too much sex or too many partners – but according to who?” Francisco asks. “The slut fairy?”

Additionally, birth control “rights” activist Sandra Fluke, whose claim to fame is demanding taxpayer-subsidized birth control from our government, is another poor influence on young females. Women – excuse me, “womyn” – like Fluke say they want to be independent and free from the clutches of a “male-dominant” society, yet they want “The Man” to subsidize their birth control purchases. It’s irony at its finest.

Without a doubt the Left is easily bothered by women who defy third-wave feminism, especially those who take up gun ownership. If we embrace femininity, they deem us slaves to patriarchy. If we desire to be pro-life, they deem us anti-choice. If we want to be self-reliant, they deem us traitors to womanhood. Had enough of victimhood and subservience to big government? You’re not alone!

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