HEY HILLARY, THIS IS WHY WE HAVE THE 2A: Conceal Carrier Saves Cop Being Brutally Beaten During Traffic Stop

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-9-34-51-pmIf the Democrats had there way, this passerby wouldn’t have had a gun. He wouldn’t have been able to save this officer. There were many people who stopped and tried to get the man off the officer but to no avail. That’s when the gun came out. This is why we have the Second Amendment.

The officer, identified by WinkNews.com as Deputy First Class Dean Bardes, was working on the freeway when he tried to pull over a man driving a blue Toyota.  

That’s when the driver got out of his car and got into a confrontation with Bardes, beating the officer on the side of the road. Bardes has allegedly told supervisors that the man was armed.

Another man was driving past the scene and witnessed the brutal beating. So he got out of the car and told the man repeatedly to get off of the officer.

Another witness, Shanta Holditch, told NBC 2 that the suspect ‘refused to get off the officer and the officer kept  yelling, “shoot him, shoot him, shoot him,”‘ to the other man.

The other man, who had a concealed weapons license, complied and shot the suspect three times.


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