HEY JIHADI WANNA-BE: Syrian Terrorist Caught Weeping as Leaders Send Him on Suicide Attack [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.58.12 AMLife of a terrorist ain’t that glamorous.

Harrowing video footage has emerged showing the final moments of a reluctant teenage suicide bomber who burst into tears when ordered to blow himself up during an attack on a Syrian village.

Despite his apparent fear of dying, Uzbek national Jafar al-Tayyar is told to drive an armoured vehicle packed with explosives into the besieged villages of Fua and Kafriyeh.

Moments later Tayyar drives off into the distance and blows the vehicle up, sending a huge mushroom cloud into the air as his fellow jihadis in the Uzbek-led Imam Bukhari Jamaat militant group – which fights alongside Al Qaeda in Syria – storm the villages’ defences.

Footage of Tayyar’s suicide mission was purportedly filmed to glorify him as a martyr after he blew himself up.

But far from embracing his impending death, the teenager appears terrified – openly crying as he sits in the armoured vehicle.

Off camera another militant can be heard trying to reassure him by saying: ‘Jafar, my brother, don’t be afraid. When you are scared, remember Allah.’

Tayyar responds by saying: ‘I’m just scared I won’t succeed’.

The video begins by showing Tayyar being embraced by several other militants loyal to the Imam Bukhari Jamaat militant group.

Unable to grow a beard, the teenager appears far younger than his fellow jihadis, who smile and pat him on the back as he prepares for his mission.

The video then cuts to a shot of Tayyar sat inside the explosive-laden armoured vehicle.

At the prompting of the person recording him, the jihadi raises his right index finger in the air in a gesture widely used by jihads which supposedly means ‘Allah is the highest’.

At this point Tayyar’s facial expression changes as the reality of what he is about to do hits home.

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