HEY LIBERALS: Ohio State is a GUN FREE ZONE, So Why Didn’t It Work?

Why should people with concealed carry permits not be allowed to carry on campus? They’ve voluntarily  put themselves in the system and are held to a higher understanding of the law. Typically anyone who does this isn’t planning a mass shooting. Let the law abiders keep their rights, so that we can stop scumbags like this. 

Ohio State University, where at least nine people were shot today, is another gun free zone, highlighting yet again the insanity of preventing responsible people from having access to firearms during a mass shooting incident.

The school’s Columbus campus issued an alert ordering students to shelter in place just before 10am this morning after reports of an active shooter.

The main suspect behind the attack was shot dead, although there are reports that the individual may have had an accomplice.

According to some eyewitnesses, the attack began when a man on a bike was run over before two men emerged out of a vehicle, one carrying a gun and the other carrying a gun and a machete.


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