HEY OBAMA: If Guns Don’t Help Citizens, Then Why Did These People use Them in 2016?

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 8.45.22 AMYou would think after being enlightened by Obama’s executive action orders, people would get the hint that guns simply don’t help protect their lives. What are these people even thinking using a gun in self-defense? Someone should call the police on them.

By Rob Morse

Honest and law abiding citizens defend themselves with a firearm every day.  I’m sure you’re shocked at that news since democrat politicians and news media tell us that armed self-defense never happens.  Here are examples from the last few weeks.  These ordinary citizens were thrown into extraordinary situations.  These armed defenders were both surprised… and prepared.  They saved their life and protected those they love.

-A 65-year-old Manchester, New Hampshire woman stopped to buy gasoline after leaving work late at night.  She noticed a dark colored sedan following her as she drove home to her apartment.  She was concerned so she parked as close to her building as possible.  She has her concealed carry permit and the training that comes with it.  She moved her firearm from her purse to her pocket in case she needed it.  She hurried to her apartment stairway but the mugger ran in front of her.  He blocked her path and grabbed her shoulder.  The elderly grandmother then drew her pistol and shot the mugger in the chest.  He ran.  The old woman took shelter in her building and called police.  The mugger and his accomplice were picked up by police at a nearby hospital.

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Anti-gun activists said this old lady would be safer if she was disarmed.  What do you think?

-Two cars stopped in front of a home in Houston, Texas.  Six to eight men piled out of the cars and quickly forced their way into a nearby home.  A neighbor who was walking down the sidewalk witnessed the home invasion.  One of the thugs pointed a gun at him.  The neighbor was carrying a concealed weapon and shot and killed the robber in self-defense.  This caused the other men to flee leaving and leave their stolen car behind.  The armed pedestrian and the one person inside the home were not injured.

Anti-gun activists say we would be safer if law-abiding citizens were limited on how many bullets we can have in our guns.  These eight thieves won’t follow that law.  What would have happened if this neighbor had only a few bullets in his gun?

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