Hey, Passive Gun-Owners: Shut Your Mouths and Turn in Your Fire Arms!

anne_hutchinsonSounds like something you might hear from Diane Feinstein or Mayor Bloomberg if they were caught with a hot microphone, but it’s not. It was the sentiment felt by legislators almost 400 years ago. History really does repeat.

We’ve all felt the ever tightening grip of our powers-that-be slowly restraining our freedom to bear arms. Many of us have had conversations as to what is the dream of the ant-gun folks? Is it really all guns being illegal? Would they really confiscate weapons from citizens? Many pro-gun folks think that could never happen here. Some scoff, no way in you-know-what would our government take our guns. It’s just a political argument to garner power, not a real possibility…really?

What if I told you it’s already happened here? What if I told you it could easily happen again? This is not a new idea. The reason our founders put the Second Amendment in the Constitution was they had historical precedence that governments most certainly do want to disarm their citizenry … that’s when they become subjects. Here’s a little Early-American history for you … these following events were part of what became known as the Anne Hutchinson Scandals…

On November 20, the year of our Lord, 1637, The Assembly of the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony issued several new decrees. One decree stated that, verbal or written defamation of any Magistrate or Court or any of their acts or proceedings could be punishable with fine, imprisonment, banishment or hanging. Secondly, the Court issued a list of seventy-five citizens.

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These people were accused of having been seduced by Anne Hutchinson and her opinions and revelations. Therefore, they were hereby notified to report to and surrender to the appropriate authorities, all pistols, guns, swords, powder and matches, and any other weapon of warfare not listed, immediately. Furthermore, those listed are instructed to refrain from purchasing and or borrowing any weapons to replace those surrendered.

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