HEY PATRIOTS: Here are 6 Reasons Why ABC News is the BIGGEST ‘Fake News’ Generator Out There

Facebook is teaming up with Politifacts, Snopes and ABC News, among other sources, to fight the ‘fake news’ battle. Well guess what; ‘fake news’ is ABC’s middle name. Check out these major offenses.

By Lucas Nolan

1: In one of the most blatant acts of dishonesty and manipulation, ABC News set up a fake police crime scene in order to fool their viewers into believing that ABC reporters were actually at a the site of a kidnapping in Woodruff, South Carolina. The news segment appeared on Good Morning America  and featured ABC reporter Lindsey Davis standing in front of what appeared to viewers to be a police crime scene cordon with a bright yellow strip of tape that read “SHERIFF’S LINE DO NOT CROSS.”

In reality, ABC producers had strung the tape between two tripods behind the reporter in order to give the illusion that she was present at the crime scene. CNNMoney initially reported on the story. saying, “Sources with knowledge of the matter say the tape was placed there by ABC News.”

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2: Another segment featured ABC reporter John Quinones going undercover, pretending to be arrested by a police officer in an attempt to prove a point about a newly passed Arizona law that would allow police to investigate people that they suspected to reside in the US illegally. However, no such law in Arizona gives police officers the right to arrest or search anyone simply because of the colour of their skin. ABC purposefully misrepresented the law in an attempt to create controversy. The episode of ABC’s very own reality TV show, What Would You Do, can be watched here.

3: In 2009 ABC ran a climate change news special called Earth 2100. This piece of supposedly undeniable scientific evidence and thorough research claimed that by 2015 we’d be paying $9 per gallon for gasoline, that milk would cost $13 a gallon, and that many other parts of the US would be under water thanks to what ABC called “settled science.” Proof that these predictions are entirely untrue is quite evident. However ABC had no issue with pushing the fear mongering angle on this story, even claiming that we  may be “living in the last century of our civilization.”

5: ABC host George Stephanopoulos also has a long history as serving the Democratic party as a political advisor and even served as White House Communications Director under the Bill Clinton administration. He is also a prominent donator to the Clinton Foundation, something which he failed to disclose to ABC News before conducting a hostile interview with Clinton Cash author and Breitbart Editor at Large Peter Schweizer. Stephanopoulos apologized following the revelation and recused himself from moderating the February 2015 Republican primary debate as a result, but ABC took no disciplinary action in response to the violation of journalistic standards.



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