HEY PISTOL PRINCESSES: Be a 2A Advocate, a Gun is NOT a Prop For Your Selfies

So many women are embracing their Second Amendment right. They are educating themselves and becoming responsibly armed. This is fantastic to see but there are some girls out there who see a gun as a prop and not as a tool.

If you want to advocate for the Second Amendment, we will be welcoming you with open arms. With that being said, posing with “the girls” out is doing nothing for our cause. It actually makes you look irresponsible.

By Jenn Jacques

There are a few women who have been all too happy to jump on the 2A train for their own advancement. You know who I’m talking about. The ladies that post videos of themselves shooting ARs in tank tops, posing with their gun as they are tea cupping, posting pictures with their finger on the trigger… you know: showing their ‘assets’ while announcing their ignorance.

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Well I’m done.

I have had it with the social acceptance of these pistol princesses. It does nothing to advance our cause and it makes us all look like the gun-licking idiots the gun control advocates keep saying we are.

If you really are a proficient gun owner and true advocate of our second amendment rights, don’t talk about it, show people.

Stop talking about changes and make them, stop posing with guns and shoot them, stop posting stupid selfies from the gun range and pay attention when you’re there, stop talking about things you know nothing about and learn about them, stop bragging about what you’re going to do for 2A and just DO IT, stop it – just stop it already, you look RIDICULOUS!!!!


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