HIDEOUT FOUND: Stash of Weapons and ISIS Flags Found at Amedy Coulibaly’s Apartment


This is the house a “activist” as CNN would like you to believe.

Police have found the hideout where they believe Amedy Coulibaly – the gunman suspected of killing a police officer and then four other people last week in Paris – prepared for his attacks, local authorities told ABC News.

Coulibaly rented an apartment in the Paris suburb a week before the attacks, according to the mayor’s office in Gentilly.

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Authorities raided that apartment Sunday, according to France’s RTL Radio, locating a stash of weapons and ISIS flags.

It’s unclear whether the apartment was used to record video purportedly showing Coulibaly’s pledging allegiance to the leader of the terror group, saying his killings and a separate massacre at a French magazine are “totally legitimate.”

In the undated video uploaded to Twitter by an unidentified jihadi supporter, a man appearing to be the Frenchman addresses the camera with a jihadist-associated flag in the background and an automatic weapon by his side, one of several guns shown in the video, as he says, “I pledge allegiance to the emir of the faithful Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi,” the self-declared head of ISIS.

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