‘High On Rock-Cocain’: Charlie Sheen Allegedly Pulled a Knife on his Dentist while High on Rock-Cocain

Charlie Sheen is at it again. Though this story does seem a little far fetched, I wouldn’t put it past Sheen to pull a stunt like this.

Charlie Sheen is reportedly being investigated by the LAPD for allegedly pulling a knife on a dentist.

The Anger Management star was reportedly at a dental surgery last Thursday when the incident took place.

According to TMZ, when the dental technician attempted to place a nitrous oxide mask over his mouth, Charlie physically flipped out.

A source told the website that the technician vacated the treatment area to let in Sheen’s security, personal dentist and the oral surgeon.

Charlie’s dentist claims the actor pulled a knife and attacked though he did not sustain any injuries.

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