HILARIOUS: Black Lives Matter Founder Has the Audacity to Accuse Trump of Being ANTI-Law & Order

The woman who coined the phrase “Black Lives Matter,” something that is said by rioters and is now used to imply that police are racists, just said Trump was against  law and order. Does that make sense to you? Because it doesn’t make sense to us.

By Hank Berrien

Alicia Garza, who helped establish the Black Lives Matter network and now serves as the special projects director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance, told the International Business Times:

“We should be clear that Donald Trump doesn’t care about law and order — he skirts the law and avoids order every chance he gets . . .The only law and order that Donald Trump cares about is the law and order that lines his pockets, sows division and hatred, and maintains a racially segregated social and economic order. Donald Trump is a predator — he preys on the fears that everyday Americans have about an increasingly unstable world and exploits them.

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“Is this a threat to black lives? Absolutely. When you have a president that claims to govern for everyone but continues to pass laws that threaten the safety and security of black Americans and black immigrants, it’s a definite cause for concern. For example, his recent executive orders on policing expand “rights” for law enforcement, but doesn’t increase transparency and accountability for law enforcement, who themselves are not above the law but continue to operate that way.

“Right now, I’m focused on figuring out how we build political power in a tenuous moment where any semblance of democracy is being bulldozed by Trump and his administration.”

“Being a white supremacist is a term that has some specificity and can actually be applied to some leaders in our current U.S. government — like President Trump, or his chief strategist Steve Bannon.”


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