HILARIOUS: New ‘Poll’ Claims Kasich has Best Chance to Beat Hillary

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.14.45 PMLike a snow balls chance in hell, he does. Where do people get these numbers?

Though he mathematically has no shot at winning the GOP nomination outright, John Kasich appears to have the best odds of beating Hillary Clinton in a general election fight, according to three recent polls, including one from Monmouth University released Thursday.

Matched up against Hillary Clinton, 45 percent of registered voters nationwide said they would vote for the Ohio governor, compared to 39 percent for the former secretary of state. Against Clinton, Kasich leads with men, voters between the ages of 18 and 54, as well as among white non-Hispanics, while Clinton holds a narrower advantage among women and a wider lead among those who are not white.

Both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump trailed Clinton in their own head-to-head scenarios, by five and 10 points, respectively. Kasich also finished ahead of Clinton in hypothetical matchups in recent polls from Quinnipiac and Fox News, by 8 points and 11 points, respectively.

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Even Lindsey Graham, who has endorsed Cruz despite their own colorful history of disagreements, said Thursday that Kasich would be the best presidential candidate and a better president.


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