HILARIOUS! Trump Publicly Disses Merkel and It’s All Here [WATCH]

On Friday, President Trump met with German chancellor Angela Merkel. And that’s about all that happened. In the video, you can see Merkel trying to play the part but Trump isn’t going for it. He sits there, glaring into the cameras.

And than the best thing ever happens. Trump says, “Send a great picture back to Germany please, make sure.” Merkel giggles uncomfortably. Someone from the press asks, “How did your talks go, Mr. President?” Trump nods: “Very good.” The press member follows up: “Did you talk about NATO?” Trump: “Many things.” You can tell he wants to leave – NOW. She’s just desperately trying to be on his good side.

So she turns to him: “Do you want to have a handshake?”

And Trump ignores her.

H/T: Daily Wire


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