HILLARY CLINTON CARES ABOUT WOMEN: But Not When They’re a 14yr Old RAPE Survivor

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 3.56.01 PM (1)By far the most evil, self-serving, woman there is to exist. Check this out.

Hillary Clinton claims to be the defender of women’s rights but when you look at her history, well …not so much.  We’ve already presented how she treated Juanita Broaddrick who claimed she was raped by her husband, former president Bubba. But lets not forget how she treated a rape victim who was only 12 when she was raped, and just two years older when Hillary Clinton lied about the victim to get the rapist “off” with a light sentence.

Drawing from the court files Politico’s Glenn Thrush then the political reporter of Newsday, described the basics of case in 2008 saying that the victim had joined Thomas Alfred Taylor, and two male acquaintances, including a 15-year-old boy she had a crush on, on a late-night trip to the bowling alley. Taylor drove the group around in his truck, feeding the girl whisky mixed with Coca-Cola on the way. The group later drove to a “weedy ravine” near the highway where Taylor raped the 12-year-old. Later that evening, at about 4 a.m., the girl and her mother went to the hospital, where she was given medical tests and reported that she had been raped. The doctor who examined her said her injuries were consistent with being raped. In the end based on an evidentiary mistake by the lab, Hillary negotiated a plea deal, her client plead guilty to a lesser charge and got off with time served (two months).

Thrush also reported that:

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“Rodham, records show, questioned the sixth grader’s honesty and claimed she had made false accusations in the past. She implied that the girl often fantasized and sought out ‘older men’ like Taylor, according to a July 1975 affidavit signed ‘Hillary D. Rodham’ in compact cursive…”

Hillary Clinton, or any defense attorney for that matter was ethically required to do anything she could to protect her client, that includes winning the case if the defendant chooses to plead not guilty. However it seems disingenuous for a candidate whose campaign planks include fighting for the rights of women to attack the credibility of a girl who was raped when she was only 12-years-old.

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