REPORT: Hillary Clinton KNEW About Trump Hacking DURING the Election

Hillary and her team can spin this all around and upside down, it doesn’t change the truth. Hillary knew Obama was doing these things. Her former campaign chief Robby Mook let that one slip. And then he tried to double back and deny it!

He said the only kind of wiretaps he acknowledged were those used to investigate Russia during the campaign, stating that “Trump aides were caught talking to Russian agents, and those conversations were captured because the intelligence community regularly taps the phone lines of those Russian agents,” arguing the real problem was Trump aides talking to “Russia” so much.

Mook then added that the Clinton campaign was informed by the intelligence community that wiretaps of Russian agents did in fact take place…. and later contradicted himself commenting that Hillary Clinton didn’t have any knowledge of the alleged wiretapping.

As BizPacReview noted, he [Mook] knows more than a private citizen ought to about what was found.

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Why was the intelligence community informing one campaign of surveillance captured on its opponent?

The “Fox & Friends” hosts pointed to a tweet from Hillary Clinton on Oct. 31 that linked to a column from Slate that attempted to connect a server in Trump Tower to Russia.

The hosts wondered why Clinton might link to that article and who might have leaked the information to Slate.


Many were shocked by this. But it’s Hillary, anything that seems sketchy sticks to her like glue. They shouldn’t have been this surprised.


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